Never Tear Us Apart

illustrations by Andre Meca :: via heymeca.com

A story of built up tension and frustration!

I thought I would share some snippets of the story board our (very talented) animator ‘Reynaldo Castillo’ is working on for the ‘humpy’ iPhone game trailer (game to be released in the next few months) 

So here’s the trailer for our trailer :) 

They have to make something that actually makes people’s lives better. It’s funny how straightforward it is. People often think business requires some trickery, you have to corner the market or something like that. But actually what you have to do is make people’s lives better. And the amount of value you create is the sort of rectangle where one side is the amount of people and the other side is how much you make their life better.
Hunting for inspiration @humpygame

Hunting for inspiration @humpygame

Simple concept, unique outcome

Simple concept, unique outcome


How to work better:
(via swissmiss | How To Work Better)


How to work better:

(via swissmiss | How To Work Better)

When building a game..

I have learnt so much during the process of building Humpy (iPhone game soon to be released)

One of my many lessons is - don’t under estimate the amount of work involved in getting a game out into the world.. Even though Humpy is a relatively simple game the amount of work and the variance of skills required to pull it off are significant.. what started as a team of 2 (one designer and one developer) is now looking at about 6-8 people contributing to the game.

Here is why.. a rough list of elements most simple iPhone games will need:

-illustration (game play and story scenes)

-design (website, menus, pause screens, levels etc.)

-animation (title, credits, youtube trailer etc.)


-social media marketing, blog, twitter, facebook, website, mailing list etc.

-writing (storyline and copy)

-music and sound effects

-project management

Now the question is.. will I do it again??

Hell yeah! (well probably :) Even though building a game is sooo much work it is also a lot of fun and if you have the resources which I am lucky enough to have via Enspiral and Dusty & Lulu it’s definitely worth the effort especially if your looking for something to push your existing skills or develop new skills.

Newest addition to the Humpy iterations!

Newest addition to the Humpy iterations!


I love hearing @joshuavial talk to people about @enspiral. We are taking an open source philosophy and applying it to a company. Working together, pulling our network of resources to solve problems // It is an ecosystem of people who love what they do // No blocks in place by top-down hierarchy //…

Humpy’s Evolution Concept to Appstore (part 2)

It was this time last year when the idea for Humpy was first conceived.  At that time I had a iOS developer ready to program the game.. however unfortunately he got swamped with client work and Humpy was put on the back burner.. At that point I wasn’t sure the game would ever see the light of day as I also got increasingly busy..

Luckily one of the many great things about Enspiral (where I work) is that we have a huge variety of skills.. and it was just a matter of time until the right person 'Samson' put up his hand to develop the project with me.

The project was back on the cards but the artwork was almost a year old… So I thought I would put a spin on it, I offed to trade time with some illustrator friends getting their input.. And am I glad I did!!! They put an incredibly original edge on the game and added literally pages of ideas and inspiration (it sometimes really pays to get a fresh perspective)  

Below are the first concepts they sent through:

Now here’s part of the feedback I gave: "I love love love the garden gnomes…

…Also love what you have done with the other items.. the cat, bbq’s and really like the steak.. the style is perfect…

…The only character I am not sure about so far is Humpy.. I think he has to be really quite cute as he is the main character and players have to really like him..

…I imagine he will be a really excited type of dog that jumps and moves around a lot.. I also think that the perspective is a bit strange..”

So the development continues for the perfect version of our main character, the lovable dog who loves a good bone. 

I’ll leave you with a close up version of the illustrator’s first concept feel free to let me know your thoughts either on facebook or twitter